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I was in Oxford this past weekend to help Thad move, and to move a few of my own things into the new house in Oxford.  The house is really cute, and we spent a lot of time organizing his room and the kitchen.  It feels strange to be back in my institutional flat in Brighton – I miss the “feel” of living in a house and having a true living area and garden!

The day before the big move Thad, Brian, and I went to Burford to meet Phoenix, which was a lot of fun.  We had a lot of fun playing fetch with him in the paddock, but he did tire pretty quickly because it was a hot day.  He loves playing in the water, so we had fun with the hose and a kiddie pool too!



We missed the early bus back, so we all wandered around Burford, had a nice pub lunch, and ducked into shops to kill about five hours.  It is a cute town with a lot of character.  I had to take a photo of Thad and Brian next to one of the funny-looking boars we came across:


The move the next day was exhausting, but I was surprised by how smoothly it went overall.  We got just about everything in two taxis and moved it just minutes before rain started pouring down, so we were lucky.  I took a HUGE suitcase over full of stuff, but there’s still a lot left in my room.

Tomorrow I have an interview for an internship with Plan UK in London!  I’m both excited and nervous – I hope it goes well.   Then I need to go to campus on Wednesday, then I head back to Oxford on Thursday for another interview on Friday morning with Oxfam.  Once I get back, I have just over five weeks to finish and edit my dissertation – the summer is going by even faster than I had expected.

I may not be posting for a while, but keep your fingers crossed and send good interview vibes my way!


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Trip Home

I arrived back in the UK early yesterday and was completely exhausted, but the trip home was worth it!  I had a great time, was able to relax a bit with friends and family, and also got a little bit of sun.  When I arrived, Sarah picked me up at the airport, and then we met up with some of my friends from Duke and APO and had a great night out.  From dinner at the Cosmic Cantina, to drinking beer in the Duke Gardens, to Sati’s and finally dancing at the Library, we had a great time!



The next day Sarah and I drove from Chapel Hill to Wrightsville Beach to meet my family for their annual vacation.  Once we got there and I was able to say hello to everyone and unpack things, I was finally able to relax a little.  Just a little while later, Josh, Elizabeth, and Tyler arrived, and I got to meet my baby cousin for the first time!


Tyler was a lot of fun to have at the beach and between him, Garrett, and Kaitlyn, the family was provided with endless entertainment.  Tyler proved to be a trooper when it came to being on the beach and getting wet in the ocean and pool.


The rest of the week at the beach was fun, and for the most part we had great weather.  It was really nice to be somewhere where the temperature was genuinely hot all the time!  The week was also filled with lots of good food (both eating in and going out), and no family vacation would be complete without my grandma’s homemade iced tea and chocolate cake!  We were also able to see some really nice sunsets.  I already miss the NC beach and mountains – the UK is full of beautiful places and countryside, but I really miss the landscape from home.


But of course, the thing I miss the most is my family.  The beach was a rare opportunity for everyone to be together, which doesn’t seem to happen much anymore with me being overseas, my mom and stepdad living in Virginia, and Curtis in his first year at university.



At the end of the week I went back to Richmond with my mom and David, and got to finally see Scooter (our dog, for those who don’t know).  After eating out at a classic American hamburger joint and taking care of my broken glasses, I headed back to Raleigh the next day for some last-minute shopping and to catch my flight back to London.  I’m really glad I was able to go home for a little while, even though the trip seemed to fly by.  Now I’m trying to get as much done this week as possible before heading to Oxford to help Thad move and to meet Phoenix!

PS – go here to see many more photos from the trip!

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but I’ve been really busy lately.  I finally started putting some words on paper for my dissertation and had another meeting with my supervisor.  Though she had many suggestions for ways to rework the section I’ve completed, she had positive comments on my writing style in general, which was good.  So, I’ve been spending loads of time in the library doing research and reading, but I’ve also managed to make it out to the beach every once in a while to enjoy the weather and go for a swim.

Last week my flat had an ice cream sundae party!  It was like a flashback to being in elementary school.  We also watched the first Superman in preparation for Superman Returns.  I had forgotten that Superman stood for “justice, truth, and the American Way,” – how funny!  There were some really corny parts of the movie, but it was great seeing Christopher Reeve while eating yummy ice cream!


This July 4th was my first one off American soil, so it was a bit strange.  Though I didn’t have time to plan anything extravagant, Thad and I met up with Margaret and Kat to have a nice little picnic on the beach, complete with American doughnuts!


Yesterday, Thad and I decided to wander around town a bit.  I found a dress that I LOVE and can’t wait to wear, and he really wanted to visit the Brick-a-brack store in the North Laines.  While there, we came across some funny hats!




And, tomorrow I’m getting on a plane and heading home for ten days!  I’m so excited about seeing family and friends who I haven’t seen since Christmas.  I get to spend a week at the beach with my family, which is an extra bonus!  Even though I’ll have to do some work while I’m there, I’m really looking forward to it 🙂

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