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Loads more photos from the last few days in Brighton can be found here.


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Life After ADST

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but a lot has happened in the past two weeks. I turned in my dissertation on time, and had several days to edit, so I’m completely done with all the work for my MA. That evening I celebrated with loads of people from Kings Road, my program, and my flatmates, and put a dent in the bottle of rum that Alvaro won for his pirate costume. The next day I had to move out of my flat, so of course things were pretty hectic. Emily and I moved all our stuff to Alvaro’s new flat, so that we had a few days to relax and hang out in Brighton without having to worry about academic work. There was lots of relaxing, watching tv and movies, wandering around town, and eating really good food. On one of the days, we took the bus and went walking around Beacy Head and the Seven Sisters. Though the day started out dreary and foggy, it turned out to be a sunny, gorgeous afternoon. Walking in some of England’s most beautiful countryside was quite a change from being cooped up in my room churning out my dissertation.



After having a mini-ADST reunion and saying ‘goodbye’ to many of my closest friends for the past year (many of whom I hope to see again in the near future!)…

Thad helped me move all my stuff to Oxford. The move actually went more smoothly than I expected, considering all the suitcases and bags (and my bike!) that we transported on the train. Since then I’ve been busy getting settled, and trying to find places to store and organize our stuff has taken up the majority of the past few days. Thad and I have still managed to enjoy the great weather lately though, between walking Phoenix, picking blackberries, and going punting.


Tomorrow is my first day working at Plan UK, and I hope it goes well! It will be interesting (and possibly exhausting) to commute to London three days per week in a row, but I’m hoping it will be a good experience. Then, on Friday, I begin my part-time job at Starbucks. The things that getting a master’s degree qualify you for….. 🙂

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