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We’re Engaged!


Yes, I know I haven’t posted in ages, but I have a semi good excuse – planning a wedding in four months is a tough job!  But, I’m getting ahead of myself, and leaving out all the juicy details…..

Last month I went to England to visit Thad, along with his mom, Maxine.   We had a pretty busy agenda – in less than two weeks we planned to visit Oxford, London, Brighton, Brussels, and Amsterdam.  The first few days were fairly relaxing, hanging out in the Oxford and London area.  And, I was completely clueless that Thad had found an engagement ring in the States that actually accompanied me on the flight over (it was in Maxine’s bag, of course).  I had a few hints: when we were in Harrods, Thad let it slip that he had been ‘looking at rings.’  I was so shocked and excited to hear that he’d been looking, that I didn’t even think about the possibility he already had one!

Anyway, our first evening and morning in Brussels were great.  We ate at a classic little Belgian restaurant in the Grande Place, turned in relatively early, and spent the next day browsing shops, museums, and just wandering around.  I also had my first truly Belgian waffle with cream and strawberries.  If you like chocolate, waffles, and beer, Brussels (and Belgium in general) is the place for you.

That afternoon we traveled to Amsterdam, checked into our hotel, and went out for a nice Dutch meal.  After walking Maxine back to the hotel, Thad and I decided to explore the city a bit on our own.  We spent several hours wandering around Amsterdam’s many canals, and I was amazed how beautiful everything was.  There are lights on the bridges at night, and it’s all very romantic….

Thad found a little bench on the side of a canal, and suggested we sit down for a bit.  Then, he told me to close my eyes, and that he was going to give me one of my surprises.  (As an aside, Thad knows that I love presents and surprises, but I want to know what they are right away!  He’d been torturing me, talking about multiple surprises he had for me and giving no hints, since I’d arrived). 

After a second, I realized that he was no longer on the bench beside me, and I was really confused as to what he was doing.  When he told me I could open my eyes, he was on his knees, opening a little black jewlery box, and I finally realized what was happening.  I was so excited that, after he asked me to marry him, the first few minutes were spent hugging, kissing, and me being a little teary-eyed.  Then, I finally remembered to say yes.

Of course, since we were traveling, it was hard to tell friends and family our good news.  The next day while we were at the Heineken Brewery, Thad and I recorded a video message that we sent to my mom.  You too can see the video, on Thad’s blog.

So, that’s pretty much the story.  The rest of the trip was wonderful, filled with punting in Oxford, having Easter dinner at Steph’s house with some of my favorite Oxfordians, playing with Phoenix, meeting up with good friends in Brighton, and having a little relaxing time with Thad.

So, why are we getting married in four months?

1. We’re really antsy to live in the same country again!

2. We want to get married outside, hence the late summer wedding.

3. We’re really tired of being apart!

4. Phoenix is having psychological issues, and trying to figure out why his ‘mom’ routinely disappears for months at a time.


If you want to see loads of photos from the trip, and me looking insanely happy after Thad proposed, check out my yahoo photos page.

PS – For anyone out there looking for a wedding dress, I highly recommend going to a charity gown sale.  The dresses are less expensive, and you don’t have to feel guilty spending all that money, because it all goes to charity.  Check out Making Memories – which is how I found my wedding dress!


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