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Last Wednesday the ADST-ers (along with several of the other anthropology MA students) got together for dinner at Pablo’s. It was quite an evening, with lots of wine and a huge turnout. Hopefully I wasn’t too annoying while playing with my camera 🙂 Unfortunately, I don’t have enough room to post all the funny videos that were taken of Brendan, Anna, and me!
Thad was in Brighton this weekend, which was a lot of fun. We spent most of Saturday in the kitchen, but had a lot of fun too. I baked peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for Emma’s birthday get-together, and turned out with way to many. The recipe I used claimed it would result in 24 cookies, but I ended up with about thrice that! The recipe I used, if anyone is interested, is on allrecipes.com. I added a little vanilla extract, dark chocolate chunks, and probably used slightly less peanut butter since my supply ran out!

Sunday I saw the best weather Brighton has had in a long time! It was sunny, and warm enough to walk around without a heavy coat for most of the time. Thad and I went on an excursion to the beach, played the 2p slot machines on the pier for a few minutes, played with our cameras, visited the fishing museum, and (the best part in my opinion) had “American doughnuts.” They tasted wonderful, but part of that could be because it’s probably been well over a year since I’ve had one.

You can take a look at some of the weekend’s photos here.  Oh, and I’ve gotten lazy, so apologies for the vertical-oriented photos that are horizontal.


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New Gym

I officially turned in my papers on Monday, and since then things have been pretty hectic! I think I am really going to enjoy my classes this term, even though both of them seem to involve a TON of reading. After turning in my papers, and after a great lunch at the IDS bar, I went gym-shopping. And after much deliberation I decided to join Fitness First for Women. It has been a long time since I went to a women’s gym, but I loved the one in Chapel Hill where I went, and this one has a LOT of classes that I can go to. So far, I’ve been to body sculpt, core balls, pilates, and “legs bums and tums,” which were all pretty good classes. There are some other aerobics/dance-style classes that I want to try out, but that will have to wait for next weekend, since I’ll be in Oxford this weekend. It feels great to be working out more regularly again, though my muscles are a bit sore!

Here are also a few photos from Monday. Brendan making pancakes for “Canadian night” (we had real maple syrup – yum!) Afterwards, a few of the lovely ADST girls at the Hop Poles (a pub around the corner), celebrating the end of being chained to our desks writing papers.
pancakes hop poles

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I do have to say that ADST social outings are a lot of fun, especially after sitting through a lecture/seminar from 2:00-6:00 on Fridays! We started the evening at the Indian Buffet on Ship Street (where we consumed at least 5 bottles of wine, if I remember correctly!) and then headed to the Mash Tun, which is turning into one of our usual haunts. Later at Casablanca’s we got a little dancing in, and Sam insisted he have a photo of him with five women on the dance floor.

Today I went back to the fair trade market at a nearby church (it comes through once a month) and picked up a few things, including some great Old Sussex cheese and an organic loaf of bread. I also tried some mulled apple cider, which was amazing, and I couldn’t resist sampling the homemade ice cream either. I only wish the Friends Meeting market happened more than once a month!

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I have a confession to make: I have not been to a Weight Watchers meeting since I’ve been here! I keep saying I am going to go, but so far haven’t gotten around to it. The good news is that, according to the doctor’s scale a couple of weeks ago and the way my clothes fit, I have actually lost a little weight since I’ve been here. I feel like I have more or less gotten into a healthy eating routine, even though I am not coutning “points” like I used to. I have yet to establish an exercise routine, but have been trying to run on the beach (I love being able to say that) as much as I can. However, the weather is quickly becoming cold and wet, and so I am starting to go to some of the drop-in classes at the sports center on campus. So far I have been to “aerobatone” and “body tone” classes, both of which were great! I do not plan on joining a gym until next term, since I don’t want to waste money on a gym membership over the holidays when I am back in the US for a few weeks.

I am in the process of applying for a job, but the thought of losing that much time per week is a little scary. I am also thinking of volunteering at the Oxfam shop down the road, but I think that will be a bit of a welcome break from studying. I can see things getting hectic in the near future though, especially when the time to write term papers creeps up!

And, on a completely random (and funny) note, check out Destiny’s Child Hit Remix w/ Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. And thanks to the lovely Tsega, one of the many wonderful people in ADST, for sending me the link!

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